The Caves of Chaos

First adventure of the new campaign.

Taking Twilight Road NW out of the City-State it’s only about 10 miles to the village of Darkfield. In recent years a keep was built to the north with a tiny thorp of its own around it but it isn’t devoted to protection of Darkfield. The PC’s learned that travelers and caravans along Twilight Road have been facing more and more attacks by a variety of humanoids coming from the hills to the west.

Heading off into the hills they soon found a small box canyon whose sides were punctured by cave entrances. It took many forays over several weeks – perhaps even a few months – but the party managed to clean out the site.

Residents of Darkfield and the keep itself were grateful enough to give the party some breaks on disposing of re-captured loot and providing training.

The Caves of Chaos

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