The "Abandoned" Swamp Temple

Following a map obtained under dubious circumstances the party obtained a boat and made their way up the river bordering the north edge of the Mermist Marshes. There they were set upon by lizard men even before they got out of the boat and also made the acquaintance of a Grippli named Murloc. Murloc warned them against heading into the swamp but agreed to watch their boat for them.

Slogging by foot deep into the marsh the party found ruins of a temple. Strangely, it held a cave passage leading down into rock. Following the flow of water into the cave they found worked stone construction of a sizeable dungeon and then spent the next several weeks on repeated forays taking on a variety of monsters and other occupants.

With some initial distrust, Murloc escorted the party further up the river to a hidden village known as The Grotto and the PC’s used this several times as something of a base of operations.

Eventually it was cleared of all the Bad Things – including a black dragon occupying a small underground lake deep under the marsh. The site appears to have been of originally dwarf construction and contains some manner of supposedly magical forge. A group of Duergar had been trying to determine how to make use of the forge to create magical weapons but were unsuccessful prior to accepting eviction by the PC’s.

The "Abandoned" Swamp Temple

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